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The Sunset Surfer

The Sunset Surfer

Scripps Pier, located in La Jolla, California, is an iconic structure that serves as both a scientific research facility and a beloved landmark. Stretching out into the Pacific Ocean for over 1,000 feet, the pier is part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and plays a crucial role in oceanographic research, providing access to the open sea for various scientific studies and experiments. Besides its scientific significance, Scripps Pier also holds cultural importance, especially during the summer solstice when a phenomenon known as "Scrippshenge" occurs. During this time, the setting sun aligns perfectly with the pilings of the pier, casting long shadows and creating a stunning spectacle reminiscent of Stonehenge. This natural occurrence attracts photographers and spectators alike, highlighting the pier's dual role as both a center for scientific inquiry and a site of natural wonder.
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